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Who We Are

Boutique Social Media Marketing Agency

We passionately believe that the emergence of social media has created an opportunity for organizations to innovate and engage with consumers in entirely new ways.

After over a decade of social media marketing experience working with major “for profit” brands including Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Preferred, and IHG - our founder Erica Linguanti has developed unique tactics to drive real data-driven results for businesses of any size.

We believe your social media efforts should not only be laddering up to your goals, but they should be 100% trackable - and prove tangible ROI’s (not just “awareness”).

When it comes to your brand - knowing who you are is just as important as knowing who you are not.
— Erica Linguanti, Owner & Founder

What We Do

Social Media Management

This is probably what you think of when someone says “social media marketing”. Save yourself the headache of trying to master the algorithms and let our pros take care of the heavy lift. Our management services run the gamut including (but not limited to): social media strategy development, content creation (video, graphics, blogs, etc.), content calendar scheduling, monitoring/engaging with your channels, reporting, and more! (1).jpg

Paid Advertising

There’s no denying that most social channels are increasingly becoming “pay-to-play”. Luckily, we’ve cracked the code on some of the most cost-effective audience building and retargeting strategies around. We collaborate with you to develop unique paid advertising campaigns perfectly positioned for your goals (hint: our main ROI metric is revenue)!


Do you have an internal team in place, but need a little help taking your social skills to the next level? We think that is awesome (because hey - you don’t know what you don’t know)! Whether you’re looking for campaign strategy development, educational workshop sessions, or need a weekly/monthly/quarterly coaching session our experts can help.

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